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The Edit provides specialty retail services to luxury hotels and resorts and represents expertise in key buying strategies, merchandising, event programming, staff development, and store operations. We can help transform any size retail space with a focus on

partnership and profitability.

full operational management

There are several revenue streams that make up the full scope and offerings of luxury properties, with retail being an integral vertical. 

We provide full accountability for buying, assistance with onboarding personnel, training programs, revenue goals, collaboration with team for expense management, POS system management, vendor relationships, local sourcing, visual merchandising as well as vendor payment scheduling. 

We become a fundamental partner to you and your team, and work hand in hand providing full operational management. 

merchandising strategy

Merchandising is a craft. A craft we have spent years refining.

It involves a unique  understanding of the psychology behind how a consumer makes a purchase, the ability to create art installations within your store as well as knowing how to space plan and efficiently use each shelf and hanger in the retail space. 

The experience your guest is lead through as they shop, is just as important as the pieces they are shopping for. Merchandising a space correctly directly relates to the ability to increase revenue. 

boutique curation

Addressing the discerning leisure guests during the year and the high travel season, we carefully curate retail products that resonate with your hotel guests.

Curating a boutique with a range of luxury items, exclusive brands and well thought out items – like the bathing suite wrap they forgot to pack –  creates an environment that is easy to indulge in for your travelers.

Your seasoned luxury travelers will know the difference between an intentionally sourced boutique, and one filled with trinkets they see as clutter.

logo program

Our team is experienced in developing property specific logo merchandise that will leave your guests reminiscing about their visit for years to come.

We take into consideration the need for quick turn around times, as well as supporting the community your property is a part of and source locally when available. 

It is important that the branded pieces on your property appeal to the aesthetic of your guests, as well as represent your brand in an authentic way. 

events, pop-ups and activations

An intimate cocktail hour with an up and coming artist, an interactive retail pop up,  or a unique athleisure event with an iconic international brand engages and entertains guests, leaving a lasting impression.

We approach each event, pop up or activation with creativity and innovation, ensuring the installation is eye-catching, experiential and “Instagram-able”. 

Not only does our approach provide a unique experience for your guests, but increases revenue as well. 

group business

When groups travel to your property we compliment their stay by providing them with any services, activities and amenities that are offered on-site.


Developing special gifts and gifting experiences for group incentive programs provides guests with a seamless experience at your property, and ensures retail sales  are managed through your on site team versus external partners. 


These special touches wow your guests and contribute to the long lasting relationships we build with them, on behalf of you. 

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